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Every year over a million people immigrate to the USA looking to fulfill their dreams, improve their quality of life, access a great education system, or explore business opportunities in the strongest economy in the world.

Induku Group in partnership with Visa Solutions is proud to offer qualified investors a unique opportunity to participate in its E2 Investment Visa Programme for those wishing to relocate to the USA and develop a new business venture.

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Lourezuis de Villiers

Induku Group
Founding Director

A seasoned entrepreneur that started his career as an Investment banker for 20 years. Trading the propriety derivative book at Nedbank, Lennie managed the largest index arbitrage book in the country to the value of US$ 2 billion.

He also has extensive experience overseeing the index and dual arbitrage book at Merrill Lynch, arguably South Africa’s leading trading house. During his tenure at Merrill Lynch as Director, Lennie closed numerous deals on the  facilitation, sales and proprietor trader role.

Nedbank Capital Markets for 11 years, trading derivative instruments, Index Arbitrage and proprietary for Nedbank before moving to US banking giant Merrill Lynch to head up their Derivative and Dual Listed trading division for 5 years as a Director. Worked for Courtney Capital after that for 4 years trading and managing his own portfolio.

Founded Samaritan Car Cover in 2017 and Induku Group in 2019, where he is currently serving as a director on both.


Trevor Thomas

Induku Group
Founding Director

Trevor Thomas is a serial entrepreneur whose career trajectory boasts some 25 years of experience and commitment to the automotive industry. He served as the Corporate Manager at Alberante BMW with a focus on Sales and Marketing and quickly advanced to Sales Manager. Prior, he worked as the Commercial Manager for Nissan Tanzania, within the AMH Group.

Trevor has an enduring passion for cars and served as the Chief of Operations and Sales for 5 years specialising in the importation of Taxi’s. His career has also seen him work for 7 years within the Autohaus Goebel Group – 2,5 years of which he sat at the helm of Chana South Africa as the General Manager. During his tenure at Chana SA Trevor managed the acquisition and sale of ZX Auto SA; Launched Chana South Africa as well as serving as the GM of operations and logistics for China to South Africa (Chana Trax); as well as headed up Auto Africa Chana South Africa stand 2006. Trevor was the first person in South Africa to homologate a Chinese vehicle in South Africa including completing Euro-type testing and SABS approval.

As with Lourenzuis founding partner of Samaritan Car Cover in 2017 and Induku Group in 2019, where he is currently serving as a director.



Erik Bladinieres

Visa Solutions
Partner and VP of International Business Development

Hard work and tenacity have defined Erik Bladinieres’ career, since he began working at a very early age. He comes from a tight-knit family and is the youngest of four children. When a steep recession hit in Mexico, he and his siblings went to work to help support the family. This was a defining moment for Erik because it was through working and studying at an early age that he discovered his innate ability for business. Rather than seeing his first job at a theme park as something part-time and temporary, he used it as an opportunity to explore his interests and forge a successful path in life. Erik went on to study marketing and graduated first in his class. Never shy about trying new things, he then headed for Australia to pursue an M.S. at James Cook University. After completing his studies, Erik went on to manage sales and marketing teams around the world; from Latin America to London.

He worked for companies such as Hugo Boss, Disney, Konami and Tycoon. He is very comfortable in the global landscape, so when the opportunity came along to partner up with Visa Solutions he jumped at it. Erik had always hoped to do something positive in this world, and Visa Solutions seemed like the best way to do that. He was able to take his expertise in multicultural business management, and combine it with a human element through helping workers all over the world to find better opportunities with great companies in the United States.

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