Seabirds, The New Identification Guide, published by Lynx Edicions

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All the Birds of the World, edited by Josep del Hoyo, published by Lynx Edicions 

This is the first comprehensive guide to the world’s 434 species of seabirds, to be published since the 1983 publication of Harrison’s Seabirds: An Identification Guide. It covers all known seabirds, beginning with seaducks and grebes and ending with cormorants and pelicans. Lavishly illustrated and detailed throughout the 600 pages, this guide gives full treatment to all known seabird species including recently rediscovered and rarely seen species. 

Authors: Peter Harrison, Martin Perrow, Hans Larsson 

(BirdLife South Africa will arrange to have this book signed by Peter Harrison during the Flock to Marion AGAIN! 2025) 

Kindly donated by: 
LYNX Nature Books
Barcelona, Spain 

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