Savings @ Work: Government Spending Reviews Conference

The Conference starts at 09:00 on the 6th May 2021 (SAST)








The Savings @ Work: Government Spending Reviews Conference is an opportunity for all officials who have been a part of the various capacity building initiatives offered on the Spending Review methodology to share insights from their spending reviews. It will also provide a platform to discuss similar challenges and showcase some of the innovative solutions. This virtual platform to execute the conference will serve to share the most recent work and strengthen networks among the budget analysts at the coal face of budget and service delivery.

The Savings @ Work conference will also serve as a platform to reflect on the impact and consequences of the 40 technical spending reviews completed in National Treasury between 2013 and 2017. A significant component of the conference will focus on the processes around the institutionalization of spending reviews.

Lastly, the conference looks to strengthen collaborations among Provincial Treasuries themselves, as well as between National Treasury, line departments and Provincial Treasuries. It is clear that most provinces share similar challenges and ground-breaking solutions can be shared widely using such a platform.


Full list to be confirmed.

Ronette Engela, Head of Public Expenditure and Policy Analysis (PEPA), GTAC
Nomthi Mjuza – KZN Provincial Treasury
Jeremy Upfold – KZN Provincial Treasury
Velisubuhle Buti – Public Finance, National Treasury
Mbali Buthelezi – PEPA, GTAC
Ulrike Britton – Public Finance, National Treasury
Amanda Jitsing – GTAC
Gillian Wilson – Public Finance, National Treasury
Antony Altbeker – GTAC
Hermi Boraine – PEPA, GTAC
Mampho Modise – DDG, Public Finance, National Treasury
Malijeng Ngqaleni – DDG, Intergovernmental Relations, National Treasury
Zandile Ramoitheki – Northern Cape Provincial Treasury
Feroza Fredericks – Northern Cape Provincial Treasury
Molefe Mokoatja – Free State Provincial Treasury
Lindiwe Ndlela – Acting Head GTAC
David Masondo – Deputy Minister, National Treasury
Dondo Mogajane – Director General, National Treasury

A Taste of What to Look Forward to…

Presentations on Spending Review findings

  • Spending Review 1: Identifying Wasteful Expenditure on Events and International Trips, SITA
  • Spending Review 2: Police Fleet Expenditure: Provision and Utilisation of Fleet Services in the Police Service
  • Spending Review 3: Integration of Public Libraries and Community Health Centres in the Northern Cape into a Shared Point of Service
  • Spending Review 4: Why are Medical Legal Claims Against the State on the Rise?

Panel Discussions – In Conversation

  • The usefulness and results of Spending Reviews
  • Spending Political Capital to Save Money: A Fine Balancing Act

Savings @ Work Presentations

  • The Savings Dilemma
  • Personnel Growth in SA and Implications for Government Expenditure
  • My Savings Journey
  • Making it Happen: Navigating the Institutional Maze
  • Spending Reviews and the Budget in 2022: What Does All This Work Mean for Budget 2022 and the Future

Parallel Sessions – Solution Rooms

  • Learner Transport: An Assessment of the Scholar Transport Programme in Gauteng Over the 2019 MTEF
    Key Cost Drivers of Foreign Missions: Analysis of the Key Cost Drivers of Foreign Missions on DIRCO’s Budget
  • Dialysis costs: Cost of In-House Dialysis Service at Rob Ferreira?
  • HPV immunisation programme: What are Effective and Efficient Ways of Rolling Out the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine in Schools?
  • Agriculture: Are Farmer Support Programmes Efficient and Effective?
  • Health Overtime: Commuted Overtime
  • Savings Through an Alternative Deployment Strategy in Operation Sukuma Sakhe: Are Travel and Subsistence Allowances, As Well As Human Resources Used Efficiently in the Public Service Volunteer Week? Linked to the Public Service Volunteer Week
  • ICT in Basic Education: The cost of ICT Provision in Provincial Departments of Education

World Café dialogues

Group discussions on health, education, agriculture and corporate services

  • Translating spending reviews into actions
  • What decisions do you need to take to implement change in your area?
  • Who do you need to talk to?
  • What will you say in the memorandum that you need to write?
  • What organisational behaviour do you need to change?


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