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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not receiving my verification code?

SMS codes
Sometimes, receiving SMS verification codes can be affected by how good the phone signal is in your area.

Email codes
Sometimes, verification codes sent via email might end up in your spam folder or might be delayed because of the company’s security settings.

What can you do?
If your code is taking longer than expected, you can ask for it to be sent via the other method (SMS or email). But if you’ve only given one way to contact you, like email or SMS, you’ll have to stick with that. We just ask that you be patient and wait for the verification code. Please don’t leave or refresh the page, as that will mean you’ll have to ask for a new code.

Alternatively, you can try again later once local network improves.

Nothing happens after I enter my member number

You will not be allowed to proceed if you have met one of the following conditions:

  1. You are not on the list of approved voters, or
  2. You are not permitted to participate in the current vote, or
  3. You have already voted for your region and therefore not permitted to vote for another region.

Voting System Queries

Please message us on WhatsApp if you are struggling to complete your vote or receiving your verification code.

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