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Participate Technologies specialises in audience response technology.

Basically put, we give your audience a voice. 

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Our services

RSVP & Ticketing Pages

We offer bespoke, standalone RSVP pages for you to digitally capture your future attendees for any event that you are hosting. 

bespoke Design

We create an RSVP site that matches your designs, allowing the RSVP to give your attendees a hint at what your event will be themed like. 

Add the company who is hosting the event to add surety to the RSVP process. 

Free or paid tickets
Sell tickets to your event via EventApp using the PayFast system, allowing for credit and debit transactions, Bitcoin payments as well as Instant EFT for South African customers.
Additional documentation

Require travel documentation from your delegates?

Get them to upload it instead of asking for countless attachments on future emails.

Interact during your event

Don’t want a full event app, but would still want delegates to interact during your event? Allow them to Interact with speakers and ask questions and give instant comments during your event.


Digitise your event with the Mobile Event App that is trusted by event planners and is loved by your attendees.  We make event technology simple. 

Built on award-winning frameworks
For every stage of your event life-cycle

We have all of the tools and technology that you need to engage your attendees in a single, easy-to-use event app platform—saving you precious time and effort when it comes to delivering an incredible event.


Get insight into your success with analytics that ensure that you know how your event is performing. This gives you the remarkable ability to make adjustments, today or tomorrow, and expand your event planning knowledge.

web-app or in the app stores

Allow for attendees to either load an app exclusively on their device via a web-browser, and give them the ability to load your event via an app that is available via the phone stores (Android and Apple only). 

Our Process


We try so meet our real users, and observe what they require from their event, rather than just trying a one-size-fits-all approach.


We tailor bespoke solutions to each of our apps, blending design with current themes, or helping to create a look if none has been pre-designed.


Once you have a working prototype, we put it through it’s paces on a test audience – often the stakeholders who want the app. We bring in personalised elements to make the app feel your own.

Go Live

Once you’re happy with your app, we go live, unleashing it on your audience attendees. All this without a single piece of paper being printed, adding going-green to your event portfolio.

Featured Work

showcase demo app

Our Demo Event App

Our Demo app is constantly being tweaked and updated to showcase items to clients. 

Widgets can be animated using quirky gif images, and have various different outlines to the widgets.

The app currently has an overall clean white layout, with soft greys on selections and green highlights.


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We're Available for once-off solutions, as well as multiple event containers.
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